Ethereal Cotton

Very fine cotton, so fine it almost disappears to a soft drape cotton has been a staple world wide for many years.

Hare and Friends is adding fine cotton organza, fairy cloth, Nelona to fine bastiste with a smooth finish to their collection.

To see an embroidered light weight cotton dress with empress line with style and comfort see the recent acquisition by Colonial Williamsburg: Breckinridge Gown

For a clearer image see                                 gown_sm.jpg

Photo & Text is direct cut and paste, send any queries or better yet make an appointment to see their collections. ”

“Breckinridge gown

Ann Cary Selden Breckinridge of Botetourt County, Virginia, was the first owner of this elegant gown. It was made about 1810 of fine East Indian cotton decorated with cotton embroidery and silk tassels at the back. According to an old handwritten note, Ann Breckinridge wore the gown “at a Congressional Ball in D.C.,” where her husband, Colonel James Breckinridge, served in the United States Congress from 1809 to 1817. Such thin, diaphanous garments were the height of women’s fashion. This fragile example descended from Ann Breckinridge to Mrs. Richard S. Aldrich, who recently gave it to Colonial Williamsburg.”


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