Easter Week Gardens

Gardeners World, BBC, great as usual offered handy  lawn tips.  If the lawn along the border is no longer crisp, defined and there’s a small barren spot; simply lift the turf with some grass margin and turn it around. So easy, this gives a crisp new edge.  The surrounding grass. will fill in the bare spot.  Add a bit of seed if you like.  Grass will not blow as easily into the border or wash there if the skies spritz.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_ilnOV2DSc 

The daffodils are fading fast in Southern England, but are just beginning in New England. Below are a variety for your enjoyment.

Australia had a Easter Week gardening show too, but they are planting for cooler fall weather.

Every one though is looking forward to enjoying their garden or one nearby.

If your little ones want to  “help” or play outside by you while you garden, Hare and Friends offers a growing collection called “Pretty up side down Toddler” This offers outfits often with pants or bloomers. Skirt & Pinnies have shorts. There are also Shorts that you can combine with cute Pinnies or Dresses.  https://squareup.com/store/hare-and-friends/ 



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