True Blue Gingham


Why does one find so many ginghams in Pinterest? What makes it the go to cloth for hundreds of years and shops often sell out a colour in just a few days? Are all ginghams the same? No

First, Gingham is a even weave usually 2 colours in almost even square blocks. Its comes in every colour one can dye cotton. Blocks range from just a few threads to over and inch for heavier fabrics. Quality gingham has a smooth even feel, with soft drape but can be starched. This flexibility of size, colour, softness, breathability offers versatility. Its easy to wash in cool water & hang dry saving time & money. Its also less prone to ravel. Linen tends to ravel quickly. All these factors makes it a popular & practical fabric choice for nursery and primary school uniforms.

Update  see ( 26 May 2017)

Beware not all gingham is equal; therefore not all gingham clothes are equal.

Cotton does not burn as fast as ‘petrol’ polyester. Polyester does not breath. Flammability matters in cooler climates where hearth fires  burn 50-60 % of the year. Breathability is important in hot climates. Cotton wins.

Cotton made cheaply with poor control standards often has a crooked weft (threads n horizontally). Its logical, if the weft threads are crooked, at an angle, then the dress may hang oddly. Its more prone to ravel and may not feel quite right as well.

Poorer gingham wears out due to the twist, length and strength of the cotton. Thread comparisons were run  this month: a 50 weight cotton common brand,  a 60 weight and a 80 weight very high standard. With 50 the sewing tension to needle’s abrasion required sweeping out cotton balls/fluff every 3-4 hours, 60 weight every few days and 80 still no need. So if you are wearing cheaper gingham, do not be surprised if in the daily wearing, it wears out faster and you have to empty the lint.

Hare and Friends’s prices reflect the quality of the cotton.

For more look at and


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