New Colour Forecast 2017-2018

Fri. afternoon, 28 Apr 2017, Pantone held a webinar to release their colour predictions for Interior.  Colours and combinations seem to have fallen into 2 major groups.

  1. Shocking colours, contrasting so much one would only use those colours to awake from a bad dream. Its when your surroundings make no sense so you up the game to find truth, you bend common sense, pinch yourself to see if your real.
  2.  Second part was a mix of more common colours varying ever so lightly, with solid white on white being thrown in.  More specifically:
  • Pink came in many colours from bright happy to pastel and the ongoing ballet pink.
  • Orange continues but is toned down in some shades to include peaches.
  • Yellow makes a brief accent  appearance
  • Shades of white and brown are few in comparison to other years.
  • A teal blue green will be good for professional clothes transitioning from the masse amt of spring green this year.
  • Black, barely was there, a few grey tone were offered in soft, subtle, shades from other colours
  • Purple still presses on, but good to see its not all ‘cartoon’ purple. There are lavender shades, that when flecked between greens, pinks or blue offer wonderful Scottish heathers.

Grand Dame’s Gracious Living and Hare and Friends will keep these colours in mind, and adapt them so you can seemlessly transition between seasons.


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