Almost May: Weekend Ideas

Spring  is fully underway with flowers blooming. Monday is a holiday for some, making it a perfect chance to get out and see gardens, work in your own garden,  read about flowers and dress in happy floral colours. Consider:

  1. Buy your Chelsea Flower tickets ASAP. Though this does not happen till end of May (23-27), many people plan a year or 2 in advance, especially if traveling requires air flights & overnight stays. Check Hare and Friends’ calendar for other activities and updates through out the month.
  2. Children week end reading:  A Flower Fairy Alphabet, Cicely Mary Baker. This is good start in her classic flower series. The children are dressed as flowers. Her books are displayed in National Museums, so its well worth the look. Its a great way for a child to learn about flowers names. Its also now in children’s tableware and fabric for curtains and soft furnishings.
  3. Launder spring to summer clothes, and see if clothes can be taken in or out to be used again. Add Lace inserts for length and across the bodice for size; or look at the  Hare and Friends for classic and on trend clothes in floral colours.

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