Investment Linen

A Linen collection has been added to Gracious Living.  The initial set took about 10 years to find, it took the maker a few months to a year plus to make, plus the experience required often took almost a lifetime; so how do you put a price on that? Not to mentioned the helpers along the way that took such good care of the fabric, so the sample exists at all.

Linen was often used because the threads could be pulled to create a type of lace, drawn work, it was heavy enough to hold thick embroidery patterns. The work was further embellished with crochet. One of the pieces looks like a sampler with pulled work, insets, crochet borders. From Linen (fibre) came the more generic name linen. Testing has not been conducted on the fibres to determine the exact mix. 

Its the beauty, the precision, and in a digital instant age, few children are learning the skills, so the 40-70 years of experienced grand dames will be rare, thus the more elaborate linens will be harder to find.


Linen remains popular.

It gives a sense of clean, bright, happiness, even readiness;

White on white work still brightens up rooms in long dark winters or windowless offices;

Linens added a welcomed contrast against darker woods (mahogany, stained oaks),

It hides and protects from sploches, blotches on other things.


Its interesting to see how flowers are shaped; some look more like daisies, others more like alpine flowers, the background, preferences, of each seamstress is woven into these amazing works of art.


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