Weekend Sorted

This weekend comes with thoughtful and practical activities.

Hampers, the Brits do them incredibly well if you want posh, a Aussie tailgate barbi is tasty, and an Italian picnic can last into the evening, But what about every day? Your busy, so much to do, errands, groceries, mail, bank about to close, retrieve kids from baseball practice, you want to fit just one more thing in but everybody in the back seat is hot, sticky hungry, see every fast food  option and every candy isle beckons.

Your ready with a hamper. Hampers can change as often as you want, in fact get one with multiple compartment (boxes, fridge/water proof etc.) so you can just pop one in from the kitchen fridge/pantry. True, one must be careful not to choose perishable items but we are not taking about a full out hamper with cucumber sandwiches, devil eggs, Pimms or Ginger beer.  Its a small handy hamper that acts as “first aid,”  a tie me over if you like. Glasses, cutlery, tray, table cloth, napkins, wet wipes, can opener hard stick candy, vacuum packed nuts, plantain chips, cream crackers,  then before you leave the house add the carrot sticks, pepper slices, apples, oatmeal cookies, ice water, etc. Saves yourself steps & time, when you go to the grocery store  add a few items to the hamper, so its ready for next time and you do not even have to bring it into the house then back out.  Kids can spread the table cloth across the back on their laps. When finished, they can roll it up with crumbs inside. If it helps, let the children/teenagers choose from a selection so you know there is something they want, besides melting chocolate. Perhaps decide on at theme or colour- orange food this week, ballet pink the next, then Manchester United’s colours.

In celebration of Gracious Living just adding a blue section,  here is a quiz & book for older children (3-6 grade).  See the picture below with three items. Figure out:


Which one is from China, Holland & UK?

Which one is the oldest?

How much are they worth now?

Then how might they be transported to the US?

This week’s chosen Children’s book is Blue Willow by Doris Gate written in the 1940s about a special Blue and White plate  It has a surprise twist so read the entire story.

For Gardeners be sure you stakes are in the ground or it will be too late for rapidly growing tomatoes, sweet peas, tall gladiolas, dahlias, larkspur, etc.  Roses may need some guidance as well.


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