Winter? It not even Summer yet.

Like careful squirrels searching, storing for the best nuts,  or an early bird that catches the worm; the fashion industry, is months ahead. Last week 2018 colours were announced by Pantone. Suppliers who did not deliver goods for summer were canceled.

Mills have already produced stock for this winter and special orders are queuing up. Manufactures are buying now so mills & middle vendors must post competitively priced fabrics on-line now!!

The search is on for the best, unique fabrics, the softest, warmest, lightest, the Austrian Loden,  Lewis Harris Tweed, French Mohair, Suri, Blue Faced Leicester …..still searching.

So spare a thought for small businesses who design your bespoke clothes. Before you have even think about a lunch 2 weeks from now, they have already designed and are buying the fabric for your coat next November.


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