Easy History for 1 – 101

Updates for the Geoffrye Museum were added to Hare Calendar, on this web site. This place has improved with more and more classes for 1 to 101, events, opening up revived gardens, and now adding evening performances.

Their web site says; “The Geffrye collects objects, images and texts in order to explore the history of English homes from 1600 to the present day. Some of the individual artefacts are of national importance, but the real significance of the collection lies in its extensive coverage of the material culture of the home. ”

True, but it’s also fun, and history makes sense since you see a common room like the Living Room, Salon change as you walk just a few feet. Unlike other places where one hall is just all ceramic of a super rich baron,  then another  floor has landed gentry’s glass or silver; here its as if you have just entered in your living room. You see everything is one easy go.   Objects make sense, “oh that’s why they….used that”.  Once I went when they had bedecked the rooms with flowers so you could see when tulips were in fashion, roses, etc. You also see how  inventions, industry, wars, success changed not just a toaster, but away of life.

Its well worth the visit even though it’s no where near the tourist trodden path to Trafalgar Square or Oxford Street. It’s a nice quiet, place to have a nosey about, smell the flowers in the garden and have a100_2582 bite in the cafe.  Check ahead for events. Rooms are closed on Monday.


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