Cold & Creamy Tea Cups


Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, the ways to enhance and layer scoops of ice cream seem endless:

  • crumbled brownies, toffee bits, almond macaroons,
  • raspberries, peaches, strawberries,
  • sauces, rich dark chocolates, butterscotch, lemon curd,  whip cream,
  • toppings: sprinkles, pecans, cherries,…

A cone will not let you really layer all that goodness and the scoop can topple over. A big cereal bowl is just too much,  a parfait glass makes you eat from top to bottom and not savour a bit of this with that, and again it may be too much.

Solution: Use fancy teacups.

  • Teacups are the right size,  easy to hold in one hand and eat with the other.
  • Put it on a saucer to catch drips, hold a sticky spoon and extra chips, cookie or pretzel.
  • Teacups are angled different ways so you can catch a piece of peach, a macron crumb with the sauce and whip cream.
  • Cups are so varied each guest can have their own.
  • If it’s a hen party they can take the teacup home.

If it’s too hot for tea, ice cream time in tea cups. See the new collection in Square.  2133 IMG_20170518_171358581

Perfect size for a sauce.


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