Weekend Planner

This weekend is jam packed of activities so the list will be quick. Its Chelsea Flower Show.

Children’s Story of the week, no surprise, “Secret Garden”, by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Children’s Activity is Textile Art, see Thr 25 May page for details, instructions, supplies and examples.  Anther option is to mount a simple line drawing (ex see attachment below), from a colouring  or embroidery book  to  surface and fill in the spaces. The attached rabbit can be in done in wool,  camel, alpaca, bush a clean dog or rabbit, or even small fabric scrapes ( pinked, smooth and raveled for different affects).

Hare Coloring Picture

Check out the Hare and Friends Calendar.  Museums, Expos, Fairs, Classes now include: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France,  Sweden, United Kingdom,  and United States. New textile and handcraft, bespoke and guild activities are sought each week. Hopefully Germany and Austria will be added soon.

2092 IMG_20170502_145930110








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