How French Flowers Invented Computers

What??  Maybe not invented but drove the inception of Computers, IT, and therefore influenced a good portion of how we live.

Start with Basics: IMG_20170529_170649208

France has lovely  flowers (as do many other countries).

Jacquard liked flowers (assumption), and  was a weaver, a very good one (fact).

Jacquard pondered how to weave images of flowers into cloth.

He invented a card system  so each punched cardboard gave instructions to the loom (fact).

This is basic binary system. Cards were similar to the cards used until 1960-70s.

Conclusion: The love of beauty elevated cloth beyond plain weave, damask, to jacquard weave and ultimately helped IT.

For more info visit:

The Theory and Practice of the Art of Weaving by Hand and Power: With Calculations and Tables, for the Use of those Connected with the Trade, John  Watson ( Book has been republished and is a basic for Textile Students.)

Samples of Damask for Dress Coats Late Summer:





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