Gracious 4 Coffee

4.  Enjoy Great AM Coffee

It’s almost a luxury. This is not a cup of coffee with initial sip too hot and the rest lukewarm or cold when you finally get back to it. This is not coffee stale, processed, lost of aroma, richness, the glorious smell that wakes you up, & perhaps the household.  This is not a coffee drank because you have to wake up with no time to enjoy it,   the car pool is waiting, the school bus… This is also not the cup of coffee you try not to spill running down the steps to catch the next train, metro.

It’s the access to a great cup of coffee, the time  & place to enjoy it.  A moment of quiet, a chance to see a mate…   your choice.

Great coffee sitting on the stoop and hearing  AM birds.

Great cup of coffee from Kava with incredibly light moist carrot cake

Great coffee, fresh brew watching overlooking a  harbour, Tobermory, Oban

Wishing you a great cup of coffee this AM.




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