High Weekend List


This weekend list  continues into the week for the Highland.

First the children’s book is Mrs Pickering. Mrs Pickering is filled with colourful characters who often miss  the common sense way to solve the problem.  You can read this to younger children, making up the voices of the different characters as you go along or older children can read it to themselves or younger children.


Get your tickets, to the Royal Highland Show.   The event is massive and hard to cover in a day.  Every person should go to an event like this, there is so much to see.  A child  often sees small cuts of beef in the butcher or grocery store, or a gallon/litre or two in the frig. Here they can see bulls bigger than their refrigerators and dairy cows who hold more than enough milk for a month of milkshakes. If the child likes trucks, transformers, they should see the latest harvesters almost 2 stories tall, lights so strong they look like a spaceship landed in the dark, whirling parts and electronics that boggle the mind.  In a quieter area tents and pens have goats and countless sheep.  There is also  entertainment, food, and tucked away. Just be sure you wear very comfortable shoes.

Children are out of school  or daycare for the summer now or very soon so here is a summer activity they can undertake with a bit of help. It’s also a way to show sustainability, reuse – recycle.

Make a sand box centre. Get play sand and fill up last year kiddy swimming pool (now to small to use). Basics are plastic containers from deli food, yogurt, etc. toppling over in the back of the closet, a few mismatched spoons and spatula. Top up Levels:

  • Add bunting overhead and
  • Bright watering can,
  • Add jello molds, plastic funnels etc to make special turrets,  or pretend animals (rabbit?).
  • Hare and Friends has pinnies and romper clothes for sandbox time,
  • Gracious Living has  statues to dress up the sandbox centre, with rabbits, hedgehogs, crowned princely frog.
  • Add a bench to the side so you can sit out side too. Add a blanket for a more comfy sit or picnic and leave a tray with snacks and cool drinks.
  • Planter filled with flowers, lavender  & marigolds or rosemary and draping petunias to discourage mosquitoes. Place up wind.

End of summer toss out the old plastics.  Use sand to fill in crackes between brick walk ways or bag the sand to hold for icy winter sidewalks.

Ravelry & Pinerest has been updated with activities and projects as well.

Have a happy weekend and keep checking the blog and calendar mid week.






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