6. Week’s Review

This week review offers you a lot of updates!

The Grand Dame calendar has been updated with a variety of courses hosted by the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. Evening speakers cover men’s shirts, couture fabrics, draping, etc.

The children’s book is about a hedgehog that helps with the laundry by Beatrice Potter. For your enjoyment and bemusement you can buy a Hedgehog from Gracious Living.

New boutique clothes are on line at Hare and Friends.com. Clothes range from princess style dress, gathered floral dresses to transitional day coats. Sizes vary from 6-12 months for 2 new sundresses to size 5 for dresses. (Last week sizes up to 8 were added and next week more infant.) Clothes are often made more refined, ex. Adding a softer collar on the durable duck cloth coat, or fabrics from Laura Ashley or Cath Kidstone.

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For textile chemists please be sure to check Okeo’s eco passport.

For Gracious Living recipe of the week is desert, cool and simple. Peel & slice yellow sweet peaches. (Not all are sweet and juicy, some are mealy so be sure you get the right ones). Refrigerate in a lidded jar.

Prepare baked custard. In 8x 8 pyrex baking dish add 4 egg yolks, 2-3 egg whites, mix with a few packets of sugar, add 1 tbl of real vanilla extract, & beat with a fork. Add whole milk till level is ½ up side of pyrex. Lower pyrex into a larger pyrex add water to te outer pan 2/3 up and bake in oven of 315-320 F. (If you do not put it in the water bath you will have very sweet scrampled eggs.). Bake till it just quivers remove and refrigerate.

Serve baked custard with sliced peaches. Great desert, indulgent breakfast, or tea.

Have a great week and check the sites often for more lovely dresses and new interior decorations for gracious living.


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