Fall Features

Days may be sunny and comfortably warm, but the cool evening winds, sightings of Neptune, full moon, to harvest crops in orange, gold and brown, all let us know its time to prepare for cold weather.  Labour Day and UK bank holidays have passed. Time to can  food, fill root cellars and big harvesters  work through the night to bring in essential grain.

Hare and Friends  is making sure you can fill your wardrobe with the practical to the wonderful.  This week brings more fine soft corduroy wale in darker richer colours, infants over dress, a green  and gold toddlers dress and so much more. Design details are chosen for comfort, movement,  grace, and that wonderful wow, ‘that’s amazing on you’. All are Bespoke, one of a kind. One is a darker red and brightened  by exquisite inset and large puff organdy sleeves. (See last week for bright reds.) The princess style cover dress has rich floral and fruits peaking out with each step. The toddler’s green dress’  golden snowflakes shine in the light.  And of course there is a  dress trimmed with hearts. See Hare and Friends to find dresses, coats, capes, sweaters in natural fibres.

You did fill the pantry too?  See Gracious Living for Squirrel’s favourites.


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