Gold, Bling, Peacocks

Gold, Bling, Peacocks

Ok, Sure people still get dressed up. The “red carpet” will highlight an evening of this designer or that, but if you want a mind whirling display of brilliant colours, finest leathers, beaded work, hundreds of yards of silky fabric, golden hoops for women, go to Wein.

That’s only the beginning, Wein’s men collection highlights when aristocracy strutted like peacocks, showed off their wealth, virility, and connections.

The Wein Museum in Austria is one of the largest in Europe.

If you have a favourite out fit, its comfy, it fits, but needs a lift, a spring freshening up, a breath of life to transition from work to evening, here is the place to get ideas!  Even  an apron takes on a whole new level. Seeing their collection will take prom dresses, fancy dress, to masquerade balls up to a whole new level.

This short summary does not even begin to cover the magnitude of the museum.  Check out the website

Recommendation when you go: be sure to give yourself plenty of time to take it all in. Wear comfortable shoes. After the initial awe in your first stroll,  have a snack & go back through the galleries again. Read descriptions; consider the yards of fabric used versus your trousers; instead of a quick delivery to your local shop, did the fabric takes months to weave and several more months to be transported. It is all is quite amazing.


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