Just Right Weekend – UPDATE

The Weekend List is here again for you.

Children’s book “Make Way for Ducklings”,  Robert McCloskey. It’s a lovely book read aloud with large award-winning illustrations. A duck family raise their ducklings in a Boston Garden.

Just the right amount of stillness and patience produced a delightful moment this week when a mother Mallard brought her young ones out to eat in the wet grasses and then swim past the makeshift dock to the ferns on the other side. See below:

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Just right sandwiches were found in a 1920, era book. One may not want  2000 calories in a massive sub sandwich but just a bowl of lettuce and zucchini barely keeps one going through the afternoon. The book offers sandwich for each day.  Many are finger sandwiches, some open face to keep the bread ratio down and the taste incredible. The recipes offer inspiration and cover a wide of occasions:

  • Needing to offer quests a variety,
  • Smaller sandwiches for lunch boxes,
  • A “hold me over ” after school,
  • Your driving and the “back seat” needs a bit to eat, not too messy, to hold them till the destination or before you get into the grocery store. or
  • Even a midnight snack.

What ever the reason,  below you will find a few sandwiches with more coming  in the weeks ahead.

1) “Fish Fingers”

  • Take white bread and butter one side
  • Cut off crusts then cut long ways into three.
  • Take a washed burp less cucumber and slice lengthwise very thin, pat dry.
  • Mix mince boiled white fish, a bit of mayo or salad dressing (UK) & 1/4 tsp horseradish
  •  On butter bread layer cucumber slice, fish mixture, smooth & garnish w/ mint.

2) “Fruit sandwich”

  • Cut white or fruited bread (apricot, or currents, day old panettone) into triangles
  • Butter and remove crusts (the butter slows the bread from getting wet)
  • Spread cream cheese (warm on counter top if hard)
  • Add Apple Butter or Fig preserve, compote.
  • Garnish with a candied lemon rind.

Serve with tea or lemonade. See Hare and Friends for trays, tea cups, and baskets if your out and about.