Weekend List

Yes, Friday again. If the week has been so busy,  gone by too fast, weekend prep may have gone a miss.  Here is your catchup list.

This week’s recommended children’s book:

Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by E.H. Shepard, 1908.  Shepard also illustrated Winnie the Pooh.  The characters enjoy each others company.  Re-occurring themes are adventure, friendship and food.


For adults, pack a  picnic and escape to a moment of tranquility, or at least a brief respite. Elegance, comfort and satisfaction all in a hamper.   Possible Supply List (won’t break):

  1. Blanket with smaller linen tablecloth,
  2. Silver cutlery,
  3. Silver drinkware,
  4. Silver or metal trays (light weight, holds foods and keeps items from tipping on slightly uneven ground),
  5. Tin plates and fancy paper on top,
  6. Tins of biscuits (cookies, traybakes..)
  7. Napkins,
  8. Condiments: mustard pot…

IMG_20170519_084923419_HDR copy

Delectables echoing English countryside:

  1. Small sandwiches*: egg & water cress**,  smoked salmon curls, cucumber sandwiches, Ploughman’s cheese…,
  2. Desserts: tiny scones plain & current with melting butter or  cold cream cheese & dot of raspberry seedless jam, shines like a ruby in the sun,
  3. Pecan or Black Walnut tarts made with golden syrup,
  4. Small seasonal fruits: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries,
  5. Drink: Lemonade (leave house with 1/2 frozen), and /or frozen lime juice ice cups and sparkling water. (Due to weight may not be in basket. )

“Possible List” items go back into the basket, after a rinse, so they are always ready at a moment’s notice. Keep frozen cubes of juice, concentrate and water handy in the freezer, so there is no delay. Sandwiches*, traditionally, have crusts cut off, then cut to 2 finger size (2-3 mouth bites) or use a cookie cutter for shapes. If in doubt butter the bread so the topping does not make the bread damp. Use remains for bread crumbs or mixed with hard cheese to make crisps.  Pack the blanket on top so it can be laid out first.  Fold Napkin bottom corner up to middle, then twosides to middle to give a jack in the pulpit flower affect.


Trip ideas: sure its a very old game ” Eye Spy with my little eye” something that begins with…. a letter. This keeps everyone engaged in the changing scenery and road. Great for the littlest ones, to those soon to take a driving test, to experts seeking a specific flower, architecture, etc.

Gardening, what a glorious time, a rush of colours.

To keep plants blooming check which ones in your region can be pinched after blooming for  2nd bloom this year.  Hint do not make it a all day task unless necessary, just stick clippers in your pocket and as you wander your garden early in the AM or dusk, nip off dried blooms along the way.

If you have grown flowers that can be dried, pick them and lay out to dry or hang where there a bit of breeze, but not direct harsh sun. Ex. Lavender for linen water. If you are picking flower petals for eating be, sure you have not used pesticides in those areas. Possible flowers include Violas, peppery Nasturtiums and Marigold.

** Temperatures traditionally were cooler 65-75, pack food safe for your temperatures and how long its unsealed, https://www.food.gov.uk/the-website-of-the-food-standards-agency