Wonderful Weekend

How quickly the week has gone by & its time for the weekend list.

Children’s recommended book this week is Baby Farm Animals, Garth Williams, Simon and Schuster, New York. It may be out of print but still available for $1-$4, so very reasonable.  There is a large illustrations & short description for each animal: calf, kittens, pigs, goats , puppies, guinea pigs, etc. Some editions have thicker paper so its easier for little hands to turn pages while you read. Its short enough you can read the book while potatoes cook for mash, or scones finish baking.

For older children and parents/adults, as the weather warms up consider two classics: Pooh sticks and sailing.

Pooh sticks, as in Winnie the Pooh,  is where 2 people on a foot bridge drop a stick on one side of the tiny stream and see who’s stick comes first out the other side.  In the TV classic To the Manor Born, Audrey is delighted when her Pooh stick wins.

Another classic is making small boats to sail across shallow (3-8″) ponds. In Central Park, NY you can get an snack and watch children sail their itty-bitty sail boats.  If water is not nearby, make a mobile with folded paper, string  &  coffee stirs. Children can decorate each boat.

For adult options:

Look at the Hare and Friends calendar and plan a trip, even a vacation.

Sort out winter from summer clothes and those that you will not wear again as is consider recycling them with he children’s help. Buttons come off woven shirts and used for decoration and games. Cut Fabric into squares or fun shapes for washing windows, garage doors, lawn furniture…. Woollens can be cut into fine pieces and used as stuffing, dolls cloths, strips for braiding rugs.  One spring’s clean out can offer enough wool for a dining table rug.

Outside the yard can shift from year to year, so see where the land puddles the most and either raise it for walking, plant a non-grass like camomile, or great a herringbone pattern w/ bricks. Children can help.  While you rest in the afternoon with minted tea, give them fat chalk to decorate the new brick paths.

Please check out the latest Hare and Friends dresses in Pinterest and on Square. Over 1/2 a dozen were added this week for you.